Our “Good Bunny” Story

Hi, Marcie and Ryan here! (The proud bunny parents who run this whole shebang together)

You’re probably wondering what the heck this “Good Bunny” stuff is all about. Why are we here? What are we doing? And what do we want YOU to get out of this?

We’re going to answer all those questions. But to start, we need to roll the clock all the way back to the 90s. Yup, this began over 25 years ago. And as much as we’d love to tell you how awesome the journey has been, there were a few hard times along the way. We want to warn you… it may get a little sad here, but our story leads to a fantastic conclusion where we have the opportunity to CHANGE THE WORLD!

Ok, not really… but we’ll explain it all here…

Ryan’s Bunny Story

You see, back when Ryan was just a teenager, he wanted more than anything to have a couple of cute little bunnies. (Spoiler: He got them) Two adorable Holland Lops named Chocolate and Chip. Yup, he went with cookie names on that one. These bunnies were bonded and inseparable. There was Chocolate — a solid dark brown buck, and Chip was a broken-colored light brown and white doe. Take note of that… the strangest coincidence is going to come up later… 

But here was the problem. Back in the 90s, there wasn’t a whole lot of information on proper rabbit care. (Not like there is today) And keep in mind that Ryan was just a kid. He did the best he could with the knowledge he had. But sadly, these bunnies weren’t given a proper diet — which was mostly those pellets mixed in with dried carrots and a bunch of other unhealthy stuff.

These bunnies lived in enclosures that were too small. Now thankfully, Ryan knew even back then that cages with wire bottoms were downright cruel. No, they had bedding in their enclosures. But they weren’t potty trained. He didn’t even realize bunnies could be potty trained!

And worst of all, these bunnies didn’t get the free roam time they needed. With Ryan spending much of his time out playing with friends, these bunnies spent a lot of time just sitting around. It makes us terribly sad just thinking about it, even today.

This brings us to how unhealthy these rabbits were. Chip had constant problems with something called “cow pie syndrome”. In short, she couldn’t poop right. It went on for about 5 years until she finally came down with a case of GI stasis so bad that she developed a bacterial infection. After days spent at the vet, Chip eventually passed away. And Chocolate went on to bunny heaven not too long after.

Ryan was devastated! The amount of guilt he carried was agonizing. He blamed himself. And it’s why he swore he’d never own another rabbit again. EVER. (The emotional scars still remain to this day)

Fast Forward to 21 Years Later… 

We don’t remember exactly how the conversation came up, but we know that Marcie started looking at rabbits online one day. And after several weeks… maybe even a month… We decided to entertain the idea of adopting a bunny (or two). We’ll just say that Marcie has an unmatched level of sweetness that inspires. We joke that her personality perfectly matches Meg Ryan’s character from “You’ve Got Mail”.

But being responsible adults and considering the dark history, we needed to do this right. No blunders. No misinformation. No excuses. This meant…

We Studied Everything We Could About House Rabbits

For months, we read articles, watched videos and took notes. We learned everything we could about a proper rabbit diet, environment, potty training, grooming, health and social behavior. We even took a rabbit care class. No joke!

We were surprised to learn just how complex these animals are. If given the right care, you get the joy of seeing HUGE personalities come out of these cute little critters. You discover that rabbits are really nothing like a dog, a cat, or even other small pets like hamsters. In fact, we’ve determined that their behavior lies somewhere between a dog and cat.

Now that we were armed with our newfound knowledge… 

We Took The Plunge And Adopted Two Bunnies

Now, here’s where that funny coincidence comes in that we mentioned… 

(We swear… none of it was planned)

Believe it or not, we ended up with two Holland lops — one broken colored and one solid. But that’s about the only coincidence between Ryan’s rabbits of the past and now.

What we have now are two of the happiest and healthiest bunnies we could ever want. And they thrive on eating an optimal rabbit diet and living in a suitable environment. That means we get to enjoy our buns at their absolute best!

We delight in seeing their little hops, flops, sploots, loafs and binkies. (Newer bunny parents may need to look up some of those words, heh)

We get to say “awww” at their cute little faces as they beg for treats worse than dogs. (Yes, they get a healthy amount of treats) And we’re constantly surprised by how these little critters can have such BIG attitudes. Oh yes, our buns can be just as grumpy as the best of them… but that’s just part of what makes them so darn cute!

What We Want For You…

We’re here to give you the love, joy and knowledge of “the good bunny life” you and your own buns can have once you discover how fun it is to be a great bunny parent — to have the knowledge and skills to give your bunnies your absolute best. We promise… it can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life!

That’s what we want for you!

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And if you have questions, concerns, inquiries, requests, audits, ins, outs, ups, downs, stuck points or slippery slopes… let us know and we’ll be here to help out in any way we can!

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