Bunny Language

The Secret “Bunny Speak” Mystery

Hey, Marcie here!

Ok, here’s my take on this whole thing…

It doesn’t take a bunny parent long to realize that all bunnies are playing a big joke on us. And the joke is that rabbits have their own secret language… and we have to figure it out.

I really think they enjoy making some weird movement or gesture with their body, while being amused at the blank, confused look on our non-furry faces.

You see, understanding their language isn’t easy at first. In fact, these random bunny movements can seem rather meaningless until you really dig deep.

Because the truth is… 

Your bunny is actually talking to you.

She’s telling you all sorts of little bun secrets. Some of these things are nice… and some are… Well, let’s just be glad they don’t have middle fingers like we do.

(Because they have A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E)

Anyway, I’m about to do something that I find just hilarious. I’m going to share a bunny language translation guide. I’ll list each body movement or gesture they make, and tell you exactly what it means.

I know, I know… It’s hysterical that bunnies actually make us do this. And I’m telling you… I really think they enjoy it. It’s their little way of things.

But here we go… 

Bunny Nudges

This one is pretty straightforward. You’re sitting on the couch, in a chair or on the floor. Then your little one hops by and gives you a nudge with their nose. Sometimes it’s a single nudge, but I’ve seen buns give a double nudge — like a little one-two punch.


Most of the time, it’s just them saying “hello”. Kinda like a tip of the hat to ya. Other times, it’s because they want pets… which means you better get to it ASAP.

Sometimes it means you’re in their way. Look behind you. Are in between your bun and something they want? Then get out of the way, human!

Chin Rubs

Ah yes… Your bunny hops by something (or someone) and decides to rub their chin all over it. Or maybe they’ve rubbed their chin on you… 


Give it up, human. Due to international bunny law, whatever they rubbed is now theirs. You see, they have scent glands on their chin. And rubbing on something is a way of marking their territory. We can’t smell their scent, but other rabbits can.

And if your bunny has rubbed her chin on YOU… Well, this is your life now. You’d better do what your bunny says.

Bunny Nips

Has your bunny ever given you a little nip with their teeth? It’s startling, isn’t it? But what does it mean? Are they mad? Did they try and bite you… but missed?


Well, most of the time it’s just their way of getting your attention. I mean, it worked right?

Were you petting them and then stopped? Yeah… Don’t do that, human. (See chin rubs above) Do they want a treat? Ha, trick question. They always want a treat. But they may just give you a little nip to let you know.

Bunny Licks

No, your rabbit isn’t going to play you a song. We’re talking about when she literally starts licking you. Some may tell you that it’s because of the salt on your hands. But, nope… It means something far more special… 


It’s literally a sign of affection. They’ve bonded with you. See, bunnies groom each other when they’ve built love and trust. So, it’s basically them saying “you’re part of the pack now”. Pretty cool, right?

The Infamous Binky (Body Twists, Head Jerks, Popcorn Jumps, etc.)

You’ve seen this one. It’s when your bunny looks like they’re literally having some sort of little seizure, and then they stop and stare at you… like you’re supposed to do something. What the heck does this mean?


They’re literally jumping for joy. It just means they’re happy and healthy. I kinda look at it like how we sing or dance in the shower. It’s our own way of saying “Well, things aren’t perfect… but they’re alright”. Same with your bunnies.

The Zoomies (A.K.A. Bunny 500s)

Ever find yourself sitting there sipping coffee or tea on a calm, quiet morning… waiting for the caffeine to kick in and jolt you out of that post-sleep, zombified state (See what I’m setting up here?)… and… 


Your bunny shoots right past your feet, like she just broke the sound barrier and set a land speed record right in your living room! No joke… If you were half-asleep, you’re definitely awake now. But why does your bun feel the need to hold an impromptu Nascar event during your morning wake-up ritual?


Because they can, of course. But really, it’s just another sign that they’re happy. And it’s a great chance for them to get a little exercise. You may also see a zoomie combined with a binky — now they’re just showing off.

Flops, Loafs and Sploots

Ever seen a flop? It’s when your bunny is hopping along and then, without a moment’s notice, she just drops dead on her side. It’s enough to give you a heart attack. But you quickly figured out that your bun is ok. She’s just laying on her side.

What about sploots? Your bun may be hopping a long and then do this weird stretch — it’s like they grow an extra six inches and sprawl out on the floor lengthwise.

And then there are loafs. That’s when your bunny’s limbs have apparently been sucked into her body and she’s sitting there like a loaf of bread. I also like to call it “chickening up”… looking like a hen ready to lay an egg. (But really, she just tucked her legs under)


Your bun is R-E-L-A-X-E-D. Flops, loafs and sploots are the universal signs that your bunny is ready to turn on the Hallmark channel and veg out for a while. It’s also a sign that you’ve provided such a healthy and safe environment for them, that they feel perfectly comfortable with you.

The Bunny “Space Out”

This kinda goes in line with a flop, loaf or sploot… But do you ever notice that your bun just sort of “spaces out”? What the heck are they doing?


Not a clue. That’s… I got nothing on this one. Take your pick. My guess is that they’re in some sort of idle mode hardwired into their rabbit brain… where they’re basically just waiting for the next time a treat enters their mouth. Sounds legit, eh?

Light Teeth Grinding Or Chattering

Ever pet your bun and notice that she’s grinding her teeth… even sometimes rhythmically? Sometimes if you lean in close, you can even hear her teeth do this little chattering sound. What gives?


It’s the equivalent of purring. It means your bun is content as can be. Keep petting, human. You’re doing it right.

Well, these are some keys to unlocking your bunny’s body language mysteries. Hopefully this gives you a look into the big joke they’ve played on all of us. We have expert rabbit people in a top secret facility cracking the code as we speak. (not really) But if you want to know more about this weird “bunny speak”, subscribe below to get frequent bunny parenting tips directly to your inbox.

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