Cherish The Small Moments Of Bunny Parenting

(We love our bunnies!)

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Cherish The Small Moments Of Bunny Parenting

We love our bunnies!

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"Good Bunny, Love You!"

That’s what our daughter tells our bunnies each night before dashing off to bed.

Hi! Marcie and Ryan here…

Doodles and Lulu (our buns) have been with us for quite a few years now. And we’ve cherished them as members of our family each and every day. But it’s not always easy. Being a good “bunny parent” takes a lot of research, knowledge, care… and sometimes the need to be quick on your feet if something goes wrong.

These little bundles of fur are delicate. Holy moly! A lot goes into keeping a safe and clean environment, meeting their dietary needs and keeping a sharp eye on their health. Only bunny parents understand how deep this rabbit hole goes. (Yup, we’re doing rabbit puns here)

They have a cute little attitude. Discovering their body language is like trying to understand an inside joke you’re not in on. We’ve been at this for years and our bunnies STILL teach us new things!

We are all about celebrating “the good bunny life”. We give bunny parents what they want most — the skills, knowledge and understanding to give their little ones the best life possible. They deserve it!

Oh, we should probably show you these two…

Doodles and Lulu

Pictured from left to right: Lulu, Doodles

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